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At NYAU, we strive to make our clients process the easiest as it can be, offering a wide range of services so that our clients can be confident they are in good hand. No matter the project. 

We combine traditional hand craftsmanship with new technology manufacturing capabilities to produce exquisite furniture pieces.



For more than 45 years, we have earned the trust of renowned clients for our craftsmanship. the excellence of our work in the restoration of important antique and custom furniture has earned our firm the recognition we have now as one of the leading companies in New York.
Under the eyes of our many master upholsterers, we pay attention to the finest details using time honored techniques of upholstery. 



Like our furniture, we pay great attention to detail in our wall covering projects. Using the latest equipment to leave clean finished edges with a soft plush feeling to the walls. Not only does our wall coverings look great, they work as a sound proof material that eliminates the echoing of wide open spaces and cancels the noise created in a room when you are in another. Perfect for any style or design of a house, lobby, living room, bed room, theater room, etc.


We can create any of your wildest dreams, with excellent execution. 
For years, our firm has artfully made handcrafted custom upholstery that are the definition of exquisite quality, classic beauty and originality. We are committed to maintaining traditional old world techniques of the 19th century creating beautiful works of art with our clients style and with absolute comfort that their clients will have for generations



Our firm also provides shop drawings so that our clients understand the way their custom piece is built or if they need help or need a custom drawing 


For any questions on comfort design, manufacturing questions, fabric selection, proportion adjustments, and material selection for indoor or outdoor projects. Our staff is well informed and can assist you with all your project needs.

Either you are new to the trade, a home owner, or an experienced designer or architect we are here to help
For any contact information click the button below and it will direct you to our contact page. Feel free to call or email us with your questions


The finish on any piece of furniture is the final detail that makes or breaks the design. 

NYAU is dedicated to leave the finish desired with leave no stone unturned.


Our firm offers metal work and metal finishing. Sometimes projects just need furniture with metal details or needs to be entirely out of metal. At NYAU we provide custom metal work with attention to the utmost detail so that your project needs can be met.

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